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After taking eveningclasses: internet course and basic Frontpage, I ,Roger, decided to make my own website early in 2000.  The subject was choosen easily because it would be our collection toycars from Citroën and Renault. After one year and a half working with this site it became time to renew the whole thing.  At first thanks to the teaching personel at Saint Jozef's College in Aarschot (Belgium) for teaching me different things which have helped me very much on making this site. 
Last but not least thanks to my  children Ben and Bo who gave me the time to put this site together.  A special thanks to my daughter Bo for reading the fine print on the models and to my son Ben for translating this into English.
After have taking classes in Dreamweaver in 2004, we received the mission to create a website so we could prove that we mastered the subject-matter. This item gave us the courage to renew and expand our website. At this moment the site is finished. All our collection is online.